We, VIVARI Corp, import the German skincare line Dr. Grandel since 1995. For many years we were looking to add unique products and devices that an Esthetician can safely use on even the most sensitive skin without any risks and without the need of a medical license or medical supervision.

In 2020 we found an answer to our quest and were able to use the lockdown time to transform the pharmaceutical technology found into a class I cosmetic device. In 2021 we were able to launch EpiStep Epidermal Care.

Epi because we strictly focus on the Epidermis. Step because there are several steps in the protocol that are to be done with only one device. This one device is our epipin pro. With the epipin pro a dry-channeling step is performed to induce Collagen production and increase penetration of valuable serums to increase their efficacy; followed by the epidermal wrinkle filling / plumping step!

How is that possible?

The unique technology behind the epipin pro is based on the ability to influence the viscosity of Hyaluronic acid (HA). The less water HA is exposed to, the less its viscosity. Thus, we are able to create micro-sized pyramids made of HA.