Sensitive Solution 24 ct

Soothing and improves resilience of sensitive skin

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Soothe sensitive skin with the Sensitive Solution ampoule from DR. GRANDEL: The milky-white concentrate of active ingredients soothes the skin and reduces irritation such as redness and skin irritation.

In addition, the ampoule keeps the skin’s microbiome in its natural balance. The complexion: visibly soothed and strengthened.

Skin Calming Complex = Extract of reed (Phragmites communis) and pine agaric (Poria cocos) protects against environmental, external irritants and noticeably relieves existing stress symptoms. The composition also shows an improvement in the barrier function and a reduction in skin redness.

Skin Protect Extract = This active ingredient, obtained from the edible mushroom sheep polypore (Albatrellus ovinus), acts both preventively and immediately against skin irritations that can be caused by external irritants, such as redness and itching.

Skin Biotic Balancer = Lysate of lactic acid bacteria (Lactococcus lactis) that strengthens the skin’s natural barrier function by supporting the skin’s microbiome. For a calmer and fresher complexion and a strengthened self-regeneration potential.


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