Provide the best new skin care protocols for your clients with our Epistep line. A cohesive and comprehensive regimen that can be customized— everything from professional machines and equipment to corresponding essences and masks. Take your client’s skin care to the next level.

Our Before & After pictures come from our customers that successfully work with our epipin pro device. 

Some of them are featured by Lipgloss & Aftershave like this one


The EpiFusion System is a brand new treatment technology for Estheticians! Worry-free because it’s within the scope of SPA practice. 

The epipinpro Starter Kit provides everything you need:

  • the epipinpro inc. 1 Handle
  • 10 EpiPins (variety of each kind)
  • 10 EpiMasks
  • 1 EpiEssence

2 Step Hyaluronic System

Our 2 Step Hyaluronic System consists of the Hyaluronic Essence and Hyaluronic Face & Neck Sheet Mask. Both are medically inspired, made in Korea using only the purest ingredients, without fragrance, silicones and parabens.

Our 2 Step Hyaluronic System consists of our EpiEssence and EpiMask (Hyaluronic Face & Neck Sheet Mask). Both are made in Korea without silicones and parabens.

It comes with an additional covering sheet mask that reflects the Body’s Temperature. Thus is a very comfortable treatment for the client since Sheet Masks usually feel cold on the skin. The additional cover sheet mask also increases the occlusive effect. Therefore supports penetration of the active ingredients.


Angelina Taylor
Skin Care by Angelina, FL
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I enjoy doing the EpiPin Pro facial! It's something very different that nobody else around me is offering yet and my clients who got it once, keep requesting it for the next time. The skin is so plump, smooth and hydrated for weeks afterwards and many say they love that there's no downtime .
Seviliya Adorian
Seviliya Adorian
Seviliya Skin Spa, MD
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I received the EpiPin Pro facial which felt very comfortable. I was afraid of feeling the pins and that it would be uncomfortable but it wasn't at all. I received a lot of compliments for my skin the following days. Now I am doing EpiPin Pro facials. Clients love it!
Domenica GmH
Domenica GmH
Esthetician, MA
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The most amazing machine I’ve ever used!!! I’m beyond happy and lucky to have a machine that works wonders! The serums are of excellent quality I highly recommend this amazing line!
Brady Kelley
Brady Kelley
Crownwood Spa
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I have traveled all over the country with many brands as a trainer and a highly requested personal esthetician, and I have never before used a product like the EpiPin Pro - it's simply incomparable! It magnifies the results of any products it helps penetrate, and even just with hyaluronic acid the results are multitudes better than traditional nano-needling! My clients absoltuely love it! they say it feels like getting a facial massage!